Drop, Wait, or Trade! Week 7

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As more teams go on byes the more stress us fantasy managers go through. We get to the point where we get less and less patient with “potential’ players because we need space on our bench to stream for a week. Obviously, we don’t drop our stars who are on bye, but how do we know the “potential” player we are dropping isn’t a star just waiting for an opportunity. Tough right? Allow me to give you some insight on who your busts and gems are!

T.Y. Hilton, WR, IND

When Indianapolis brought in Philip Rivers, many of us thought T.Y. Hilton would produce more than he did with Jacoby Brissett. However, the change at QB did not make a difference as Hilton is only averaging about 3 receptions a game. Out of the 6 opponents the Colts have faced, 4 of them are inefficient against the passing game. Throughout 6 games Hilton has had zero, I repeat zero touchdowns!  In the Red zone Rivers has had his eyes locked on the tight ends. This comes as no surprise as Rivers relied heavily on his TE with the LA Chargers. Even with “easy” matchups Hilton seems to be unproductive which means that he is not relevant in this offense anymore. Even with a banged up receiving team, Hilton can’t seem to take control and lead them in any category. Overall, Hilton’s low-tier performances are likely to continue every week, so by any means necessary please drop T.Y. Hilton.

Verdict: DROP

Corey Davis, WR, TEN

The Tennessee Titans are hot! Despite having COVID-19 wreak havoc on their practices and games, the Titans are now 5-0 after an astonishing AFC South matchup where they prevailed over the Texans. Last season many questioned Ryan Tanehill’s ability to accurately throw the ball, since they heavily relied on the running game. This past week Derrick Henry rushed for 212 yards, while Tanehill threw for 364 yards! Enough about them as a team, allow me to move on and tell you about Corey Davis, who had 101 receiving yards in week one; after that it’s all gone downhill. When A.J. Brown was out with an injury, defenses became more focused on Davis as he became the WR1. They were able to double him without having to worry about another dynamic receiver. This led to less opportunities for receptions as he was targeted less.

Now A.J. Brown and Corey Davis are both healthy and able to see the field together for the first time since their season opener. This could lead to a solid performance from not only A.J. Brown, but also Davis. In week 1 they both presented promising performances, prior to Brown’s exit. The matchup may be a little discouraging on paper this upcoming week, but with the way the Titans are playing, the matchup stats may be irrelevant. If both players can stay healthy, then they will benefit from each other as the season continues. Remain optimistic about Corey Davis and keep him on your team as brighter days will come.

Verdict: WAIT

D’Andre Swift, RB, DET

The rookie has awakened! D’Andre Swift balled out last week with 116-yards and 2 touchdowns on just 14 touches! After the first few shaky weeks, Swift has shown that he is more than capable of leading the Lions’ backfield. Throughout the first 6 weeks it seemed like Adrian Peterson was the main man in the backfield, but that may start changing after Swift’s stellar performance. Matt Patricia is allegedly a few more losses away from being fired and it seems that Swift is the one way that he could keep his coaching job. Detroit seemed more explosive and dynamic with Swift as their lead running back as his speed and youth are something Detroit is in dire need of. His first 100-yard rushing performance could mean he will most likely to consume majority of the touches going forward.

Although his price may currently be high, Swift is a sensational player who can do great things with the ball. The remainder of the season should provide the rookie with plenty opportunities to produce and solidify his position as the number one back. With that being said, try and go get him on a 2 for one deal if you have the depth. Regardless get this young star on your team as he can provide many points for your team!

Verdict: TRADE FOR

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  • October 23, 2020 at 11:32 pm

    Already had Swift and Davis starting this week. Hoping they come through for me! Great read!


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