Levine’s Teaser Lock: Week 5

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Week 5 is upon us, and with multiple teams now having positive Covid tests, I am hopeful this is not the beginning of the end for the NFL season. So, what better time to get some bets in for this week. 

Every week moving forward, I will be helping you navigate my favorite bet type for the NFL, the 3 team, 10-point teaser. As a quick refresher, this is a bet where you make 3 picks, and must get them all right to win. If any of the picks lose or tie, you lose the bet. This bet typically is a -120 bet, which means that you need to risk $120 to win $100. The way it works is you get to change either the spread or the points total in any game by 10 points. Let’s take the Raiders vs the Chiefs game as an example. Right now, the Chiefs are favorites by 11.5 points over the Raiders, and the over/under point total is 55.5. With our teaser, you can either change the Raiders to +21.5, the Chiefs to minus 1.5, the over to 45.5, or the under to 65.5. You can select any of these alternative lines as your selection, and if all 3 of your picks are correct you win. 

So, lets dive into my picks for week 5:

Chiefs -1.5 : The Chiefs are one of the best teams in the league. With a much improved defense and Patrick Mahomes, I don’t expect the chiefs to lose often, or be in many close games. The Raiders are definitely improved this year, but not enough for me to be scared of this matchup. 

Vikings/Seahawks over 47.5 Points:  Seattle is averaging 35.5 points per game this year, good for 2nd in the league, and faces a Vikings defense that is giving up over 30 points a game. I expect Russ and co to be cooking early and often in this one, which will force the Vikings to throw the ball a lot. Minnesota has an underrated passing game, and they average over 27 points per game. I expect a lot of scoring in this one.

Colts/Browns under 56 Points: These are both teams that like to establish their offense through the running game, which should lead to long drives and less scoring opportunities. The Browns have a very underrated and good defense, and they should be able to keep the Colts out of the end zone. With no Nick Chubb, I also expect the Browns to struggle on offense in this one, which should keep this game well below the 56-point number.

Daniel Levine

As a longtime fantasy manager and league commissioner, Daniel hopes to bring advice on waiver pickups, trades, in season management, and provide a new voice to the fantasy football community. Daniel is a die hard Jets fan, loves to cook, and like everyone else, can't wait for this season of football

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