Stream Starters: Week 14

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A bit of a dampened result after a couple hot weeks. While my quarterback streamers both provided excellent value last week, my defensive recommendations left a bit to be desired. Further, Kyle Rudolph returned to how I traditionally thought of him, a complete dud. We’re now into the playoffs in most leagues. Here’s some streamers that will hopefully help you capture your fantasy crown:  

Philip Rivers, QB, Indianapolis Colts (@ Las Vegas Raiders) – 17.7 Percent Owned
A few key metrics keep coming to my mind when I look at this game. However, above all, the Raiders defense is simply putrid allowing a league-worst 35.3 points per game over the last three weeks. This comes against elite competition like the winless Jets and four-win Falcons. On the Colts side of the ball, they’ve been exceedingly average in terms of passing offense this year, but Rivers has shown great chemistry with T.Y. Hilton the past few weeks. Between the developing chemistry, and the Raiders vastly superior run defense compared to their ineptitude against the pass,  Rivers is set up for a big week. From a gambling perspective, this game has one of the higher game totals at 51 points as I write this. Always an encouraging sign for fantasy value.

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Chicago Bears (vs. Houston Texans) – 20.7 Percent Owned
The matchup against the Texans is only a slightly above average one, with Houston ranking in the bottom ten in the league in terms of points allowed, and slightly below average regarding passing defense. However, this would be a multi-week stream (or stash) with the Bears facing attractive matchups against the Vikings and Jaguars in what is likely your fantasy finals. I remember taking the crown by streaming Ryan Fitzpatrick last year, and I think Trubisky could be set up for a similar situation. It sounds wildly counter-intuitive, but I think you’ll want to scoop up Trubisky before your leaguemates will next week!

Arizona Cardinals D/ST (@ New York Giants) – 25.5 Percent Owned
The Cardinals face a Giants team that failed to score a single point in the first half against what’s universally known as one of the league’s worst defenses in the Seahawks. You may be thinking ,”Well Neal, that was with Colt McCoy, isn’t Daniel Jones returning an upgrade?”. No, no it isn’t. This Giants team wins through defense and dirty/grindy games. When they lose . . . they’re also fairly low-scoring games. Regardless of which Giants quarterback starts, I’d expect at least one turnover, and would play this defensive unit with confidence. This may also be a multi-week streamer with the Cardinals getting an Eagles team with a quarterback controversy and a 49ers team without much to play for in Weeks 15 and 16 respectively.

Washington Professional Football Team (@ Arizona 49ers) – 47.3 Percent Owned
The above is not a typo, the 49ers have been exiled to Glendale, playing out the rest of their season in the desert. As a 49er fan, it’s clear to me that as long as Nick Mullens leads this team, there’s very little hope. Taking aside the Rams game, which was awash with divisional shenanigans, San Francisco struggles to score outside of garbage time. There are definitely bright spots for this team, but they lack the firepower without George Kittle to beat anything more than an average defense. Ron Rivera’s squad is one of the league’s elite defensive units, allowing the fourth fewest yards per game this year. Between both of these teams’ passion for running the ball, Washington playing for a playoff spot, and the talent disparity between the Washington defense and San Francisco offense this should be a top five unit for the week. 

Logan Thomas, TE (@ Arizona 49ers) – 38.5 Percent Owned
Alex Smith may be on his third team, but old habits die hard, and Smith has been going to his tight end more and more. While the 49ers have the best linebacker in the league (in my opinion) Fred Warner, I see the volume/attention here being too much to pass up. Another positive factor for this pickup is that Washington goes from a bad matchup this week, to one of the most favorable in Week 15 against the Seahawks. Similar to the above picks, this streamer is more than getting value on your team, it’s about stashing away potential game-winners from your opponents in future weeks. 

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