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Happy New Year to all of you savages that have a championship matchup in Week 17!  As I have mentioned before, thank you again to everyone who has read my work over the course of the year, and have reached out on Twitter for advice.  It makes the 3-4 hours of research that I put in each week worth it.  I vow that no matter how many people continue to reach out and mention, I will do my absolute best to handle your individual questions.  This year was a little tougher than most, as my son’s hockey team that I coach had an ice time that went from 12-1 on Sundays.  Not ideal for answering last minute start/sit questions by any stretch!  Also, I am a dynasty league enthusiast.  Feel free to keep in touch in the off season as you consider dynasty trades, or guys that may be a good add off of the wire.  So, whether I hear from you this March, or do not hear from you until next September, I appreciate the support.

Be sure to reach out with your Start/Sit, dynasty, or other fantasy questions to me directly on Twitter at @BGunnWMU or @FGBros

Start Them

Jamison Crowder, WR, New York Jets:  Crowder has gotten back to being a target monster over the past couple of outings, racking up 8 and 9 targets, respectively.  Crowder is currently being ranked outside of WR3 territory, but I cannot put my finger on why.  The Patriots defense is not the Patriots defense of old, and the other side of the ball has not treated them very well either.  As such, this should be a neutral game script which will keep Crowder involved.  Fire up Crowder as a low-end WR2 this week, in any PPR formats.

Tim Patrick, WR, Denver:  Patrick is not producing at the avid pace he was in the middle of the season, but he will revisit production this week.  Denver will be lining up across a Las Vegas team that gives up yardage through the air, ranking bottom three in pass coverage.  This is another game that the Las Vegas line suggests will be a neutral gamescript, and when that is the case, Patrick gets his fair share of looks.  Although Patrick is being ranked outside of WR3 territory, he will finish as a safe, high-end WR3 this week.  

Zach Pascal, WR, Indianapolis:  Pascal has earned 6 targets from Philip Rivers in each of the last two games, catching 8 of them for 3 touchdowns in that span.  The increased volume comes at a good time as Indianapolis plays the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars this week.  If Pascal continues to garner 18% of the target share as he has averaged over his past two outings, the matchup alone will allow him to produce inside of WR2 territory instead of in the area he is being ranked which is currently outside of the top 40.

Sit Them

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh:  Ben Roethlisberger is not suiting up on Sunday and Johnson is still being ranked as a WR2.  Unless Mason Rudolph has taken a few monster steps forward in his development, then I just don’t see him being able to support WR2 production.  As you may be able to tell, Johnson lands here because I am not counting on those steps forward that were previously mentioned.  Johnson is going to finish as a mid-range WR3 this week, but not due to his own accord.

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina:  Anderson was in this section of the article last week as well, and there is a reason why he finds himself here.  He is dealing with a hamstring injury, and needless to say that affects the ability to get downfield in a hurry.  Through Week 15, Anderson was 28th in yards/route run (Y/RR), in Week 16, Anderson ranked 69th.  Sure, the targets may increase, but if the hamstring is still bothering him, and his average target is going to decrease that much, it is going to be tough to produce as the number 18th wide receiver where he is currently being ranked.  Between the injury and his quarterback Teddy Bridgewater going up against the 2nd ranked pass rush, fade Robby to a WR3 this week.

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle:  Lockett has been a mainstay on this list over the last half or so of the season and it’s not due to his ability.  As I have written what has seemed like countless times this season, there has been an offensive shift in Seattle over the second half of the season, and there is no reason to expect it to revert.  Outside of the obstacles that Lockett’s own offense puts in his way, he also plays a San Francisco defense that ranks 4th in pass coverage.  Lockett is still being ranked as a high-end WR2, but I am not that bullish on Lockett this week, ranking him in the WR3 range in my personal rankings.

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