Forrest Cobble
Founder and CEO

Forrest is the CEO and co-founder of FGB. He handles all tasks involved with running the website and is the guy answering your question if you ask on the FGB twitter feed. Forrest graduated from Northeastern University in 2020 with a degree in Business/Finance and currently lives in Boston. He is a die-hard B's, C's, Pats, and Sox fan. In his free time Forrest enjoys playing guitar, learning French, and snowboarding.

Ben Radde
Founder and Chief Fantasy Analyst

A co-founder of Fantasy Guru Bros, Ben is a dedicated fantasy analyst currently attending the University of Colorado, Boulder as a communications major with aspirations of launching a career in the sports world. Ben has been interacting in the fantasy space for almost seven years and will be in charge of the soon-to-be FGB podcast. Though he was raised a Phins fan, Ben's allegiance to his fantasy team is what really counts for him.

Chris Cioffi
Chief Editor

Chris "Chof" Cioffi is the Chief Editor at FGB. A 7-year fantasy veteran, Chof hails from Northeastern University, got a degree in mathematics, and will talk for hours about how Ronald Jones should have gotten more carries than Peyton Barber if the Buccaneers cared about advanced analytics at all in 2019. Repping all teams New England, he definitely embellishes his accent when talking about tha B’s, tha C’s, tha Pats, or the Sawx. When he’s not writing fantasy blogs, Chof is a southpaw pitcher, Club baseball hall of famer, and still is good for giving up a 400-foot homerun every year to some guy in his men’s league.